Distance Selling Contract

Article 1- Concerned


Name: Evreka Girisimcilik Limited Liability Company

Address: Hosgoru Street No:13/8 34732 Merdivenkoy Kadikoy - Istanbul

Phone number: +90 533 335 55 41

E-Mail: info@3dwallpaperdecor.com


Name / Surname / Title:


Phone number:


Article 2- Material

The purpose of this contract is to determine the rights and obligations of the product requested by the BUYER on the SELLER's site 3dwallpaperdecor.com, which is described here with its characteristics and prices, in relation to the rules and provisions of consumer protection. The BUYER agrees that he has been informed by the SELLER, that he has confirmed the above information online and that the product is used in a clear, understandable and appropriate manner using the name, title, open address, telephone number and other information of the buyer, the basic characteristics of the merchandise to be sold, the sale price with all taxes, the payment method, delivery times, etc. The information on the location of 3dwallpaperdecor.com, the contract for the use of the site and the order placed by the buyer on the account are part of this contract.

Article 3 - Product / Payment / Shipping Information

The type, quantity, model, selling price, payment method, delivery person, shipping address, billing information, and shipping charges for products purchased online are as follows. The person to invoice and the person who signs the contract must be the same. The following information must be correct and complete. The BUYER is responsible for damages that result from the inaccuracy or incomplete nature of this information. The SELLER reserves the right to interrupt the order if the information provided by the BUYER is incorrect. If the SELLER has identified a problem with the order, the SELLER will block the order for 15 (fifteen) days if the SELLER cannot communicate with the BUYER by phone, email and postal address. The BUYER is expected to contact the SELLER within this period. If no response is received from the BUYER within this period, the SELLER will cancel the order to avoid damage to both parties.

Product / Purchased Products

Name, Code: ; … Piece

Total Sale Price: …. - $

Payment: Credit Card / Paypal


Phone Number:

Delivery Address:

Account Beneficiary - Person / Organization:

Shipping Address:

Tax office:


Cost Of Shipping: … - $

Article 4- Date of the Contract and Force Majeure

The contract date is the date .. / .. / ....., the date on which the BUYER placed the order. Circumstances that were not visible or were absent at the time of signing the contract and that developed beyond the control of the parties are accepted, which prevent one or both parties from fully or partially fulfilling the obligations of the contract, such as force major (natural disasters, war, terrorism, riots, change of law, seizure or strike, lockout, significant loss of production and communication equipment, etc.). The force majeure party will immediately inform the other party in writing. During the prosecution of force majeure, the parties are not responsible for the breach of their functions. If the force majeure situation lasts 30 (thirty) days, each party has the right to withdraw unilaterally.

Article 5 - Rights and Obligations of the Seller

5.1. The SELLER undertakes and fully complies with the obligations imposed by European legislation on consumer protection and the regulation of shipping contracts in their entirety, except in cases of force majeure.

5.2. People under the age of 18 (eighteen) cannot shop at 3dwallpaperdecor.com.

5.3. 3dwallpaperdecor.com is not responsible for pricing errors that occur as a result of system errors. Therefore, the SELLER is not responsible for pricing errors that could result from illegal interference with the website, the website system or the website design. The BUYER cannot make any claim against the SELLER due to system errors.

5.4. Purchases can be made on papelpintado3d.com with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, etc.), by bank transfer or PayPal. Orders that are not paid within one week from the order date will be canceled. Orders are processed when the requested transfer is complete and funds are transferred to the desired account, not when the order is placed. Payment methods that are not negotiated with customer service, such as prepaid shipping or postal checks, will not be accepted.

Article 6 - Rights And Obligations Of The Buyer

6.1. The BUYER undertakes to comply with the obligations derived from the Contract, except in cases of force majeure.

6.2. The BUYER accepts and agrees to accept the terms of this contract and to make the payment according to the payment method specified in the contract.

6.3. THE BUYER acknowledges having the following information and having verified it online; The 3dwallpaperdecor.com website may contain the name, title, open address, telephone number and other login information of the seller, the basic qualities of the product, including the selling price, the payment method, the delivery conditions , etc., as well as any prior information about the product and the use of the product "Right of withdrawal", authorities to which complaints and disputes can be submitted.

6.4. In accordance with the previous clause, the BUYER declares to have read and confirmed the order of the product and the payment conditions, the instructions for use of the product, the precautions and warnings for possible situations in the order / payment / use 3dwallpaperdecor.com / online .

6.5. If the BUYER wishes to return the product, he undertakes not to damage the product and packaging in any way and to return the original invoice and the delivery note when returning the product.

6.6. The BUYER is considered to have agreed to be responsible for the intellectual property rights and the content of all the documents that he uploads to 3dwallpaperdecor.com. The SELLER declines all responsibility in this regard.

Article 7 - Order / Payment Procedure


The amount in euros including VAT (sum of all installment sales prices) of the products added to the cart will be processed after approval by the BUYER. For this reason, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided by the BUYER when ordering. Any problem or processing problem that may arise in relation to the credit card will be communicated to the BUYER through one or more of the communication channels specified in the contract, such as telephone, fax and email. If necessary, the buyer can be asked to contact his bank.

Orders are not processed when the order is placed, but rather when the money is withdrawn from the credit card account or when the wire transfer (EFT) reaches the seller's account. In the event that the object of the contract cannot be obtained and / or there is a stock problem for an exceptionally justified reason, the BUYER will be informed immediately and clearly; in this case, the BUYER may be sent another product of comparable price and quality if the BUYER accepts it; or the BUYER can choose a new product; or there may be a delay before the product enters stock or other obstacles to shipping are canceled, or the order may be canceled. If the fulfillment of the obligation to deliver the contractual goods becomes impossible, the buyer will be informed; and the total price paid by the buyer, plus the debts that arise from this situation, as confirmed by the corresponding documents, will be returned to the buyer within 10 (ten) days and the contract will be terminated. In this case, the BUYER will not make any other claim against the SELLER in the form of material and non-material damages.


For payments by money order, the buyer can choose the bank of his choice. If the transfer and / or bank transfer was made, the transfer date is the date the money was transferred to the account. When making a money order and / or wire transfer, the "sender information" must match the billing information and the order number must be entered.

Article 8 - Shipping / Delivery Procedure:


The products are delivered at the BUYER's address to the carrier designated by the SELLER. The delivery period is 10 (ten) days from the date of conclusion of the contract and the cancellation of the money order or bank transfer and receipt of the money in the SELLER's account. This period may be extended for a maximum of 10 (ten) days, provided that the BUYER is previously informed in writing or electronically.

Products are shipped by phone to areas where carriers do not provide an address. In areas where the freight forwarder only delivers one day a week, if there is an error in the shipping information and there are social events or natural disasters, the delivery time may be extended. The BUYER cannot hold the SELLER responsible for such extensions. If the product is to be delivered to a person / organization other than the BUYER and the delivery is not accepted or there is an inaccuracy in the transfer information or if the BUYER is not present, the SELLER will not pay any additional shipping costs. If the products have not reached the customer within the indicated days, delivery problems should be reported immediately to customer service via your email address. In case of a damaged package, the damaged packages must not be accepted and the carrier must file an official complaint. If the courier staff considers that the package is not damaged, the BUYER has the right to open the package there and verify that the product has been delivered in good condition and request that the matter be registered with an official report. Once the package is accepted by the BUYER, it is considered that the transport company has fully fulfilled its functions. If the package has not been accepted and an official report has been made, the situation should be reported to customer service as soon as possible with a copy of the SELLER's complaint.

Article 9 - Return Procedure And Right To Cancel The Order

Product Returns:

There is no right of return for products sold through 3dwallpaperdecor.com, as products are manufactured according to the personal needs of the BUYER, unless the product is damaged or the product is manufactured to an incorrect specification.

Article 10 - Other Provisions

1- If the wallpaper sold under this contract damages the surface of the walls, 3dwallpaperdecor.com is not responsible for such damage.

2- If the photo that the customer uploaded to the site;

a. violates the general code of conduct,

b. have images or text that disturb or inspire one part of society to be hostile / dangerous / publicly hate another part of society that is different in religion, language, race, sect or other reasons; u offensive religious values ​​that were clearly adopted by the population,

3dwallpaperdecor.com reserves the right not to print the image and not to deliver the merchandise to the customer. All costs associated with the purchase will be reimbursed to the customer after the customer has been informed of the situation.

Article 11 - Confidentiality

The information provided by the BUYER in this Agreement and the payment information provided to the SELLER for payment will not be disclosed by the Seller to any third party. The SELLER may disclose this information only as part of an administrative / legal obligation. For all types of forensic investigations documented in the investigation, the SELLER may transmit the requested information to the competent authority. Credit card information is not stored by us at all. Credit card information is used only to collect money, which must be provided securely by the corresponding banks. They are used for distribution and are removed from the system after distribution. The SELLER will use information such as the email address, postal address and telephone number of the BUYER only for the delivery of the product and information procedures. Campaign information, new product information and promotional information may be sent to the BUYER from time to time.

Article 12 - Jurisdiction And Executive Bodies In Case of Controversy

In the event of a dispute arising from the application of this Agreement, the Consumer Arbitration Boards designated in December of each year by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Consumer Courts in the residential area of ​​the SELLER will be competent.

With the order, the BUYER accepts all the conditions of this contract.